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Vue 226: Getting comfy... by nyom87
Vue 226: Getting comfy...
Meow :3  Another image with :iconaliessa:model, keeping on with the previous theme,  a little lazy but I'm not having my best artistic moment righ now, however I expect to start adding a new short story with the bedroom scene soon ( Next week maybe?) As usual first a black screen and I update in 10 minutes.
Vue 225: And another height comparison! by nyom87
Vue 225: And another height comparison!
Hey! At least don't cheat! Another image with this couple of characters and setup, changed her blouse color to something more red, aside that, it has been  an awfull week in the creative deparment...  if I keep like the current projects are going to need an eternity to be done... As usual first ablack screen and I udapte in 10 minutes.
Vue 224: Don't tease me like this! by nyom87
Vue 224: Don't tease me like this!
The feet are my tickle weak spot!  Another image with the mouth theme, this time she is licking his feet and  legs. As usual frist a black screen and I update in 10 minutes.
Vue 223: Watching my steps... by nyom87
Vue 223: Watching my steps...
Security goes first! I feel lazy about editing the first image of the story with the new pool scene, so there goes the one of the last ones with the old scene, as usual first a black screen and I update in 10 minutes.
Vue 222: Finest transportation! by nyom87
Vue 222: Finest transportation!
It's sooo comfy! Another image with  the "city" scene, but this time recovering :iconaliessa: model from the old hanger scene. As usual first a black screen and I update in 10 minutes.
The pageviews counter has finally reached the Million! It has make me sweat to work something special for the last couple of weeks! Sigh two and half years... It's a lot of time and yet it has flown away so fast... I know that during the last year the pace has not being has fast as before, and I havent' worked in new stories, I would like to say that it's gonna change, but my willpower has not recovered the old levels and I expect to keep the current pace for a long time.
About new stories, I'm  currently working in the office story, I'm going slow, the ******* script is resulting quite hard to write, and I don't think it will be finished anytime soon even if I expect the story to be quite short ( about 30 pages?)
The naughty series has the handicap to be done with poser, and nowadays I prefer to use vue, I have thought to move the characters to a vue setting, but it would be a pain  to develop a long story with it... I won't go back to it until I finished the office story anyway. About the fantasy story, somehow I got busy just doing the misc stuff and I completely forgot about it,  nobody asked for it, and the  fantasy themed images didn't get much attention,  so I drop it.

Finally, today I specially would like to thank all the pagevies, views, comments, and favourites! Thank you all for them!

PD: I got a present, it's snowing! weeee!
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predalien2468 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
can you do some furrie/giantess stuff m8?
nyom87 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015
Sorry,  but I don't accept requests, and I don't do furry either.
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nyom87 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Sorry, I hide you comment's, I don't like to have unreadable stuff around (even translator didn't help!) Use english next time!
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mahdiu Featured By Owner Edited Mar 23, 2015
نمی دونم پیام من در این سیستم چگونه باید خصوصی ارسال شود
به دلیل همین کمک من کن لطفا
اگه دوست داشت تو لطفا پاسخ من رو بدهید
به امید  دیدار برادر عزیزم
nyom87 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
I don't know how I could help you.
I don't have good opinion about religions.
If my works trouble you, you should not look at them.
You can use the translator too.

من نمی دانم که چگونه من می توانم به شما کمک کند.
من نظر خوبی در مورد ادیان ندارد.
اگر آثار من مشکل شما، شما باید به آنها نگاه نمی کند.
شما می توانید ترجمه بیش از حد استفاده کنید.
(2 Replies)
Hidden by Owner
nyom87 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
A massive wall of text (twice!) defending Islam? What's  your point? I will hide unreadable comments (specially on the front  page!) because I don't want unknown messages on it, it doesn't matter if the comment is in persian, japanese, or runic, they could content any kind of nonsense without me noticing it.  I don't want a  wall of text  either so will hide these ones too
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